The Hong Kong Arbitration Charity Ball has earned its reputation as a glamorous event featuring fabulous live music, superb food and wine, all presented in one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful and illustrious hotels. The Charity Ball is an opportunity for those in the Arbitration and legal space to get together where everyone has a chance to contribute to an extremely worthwhile cause.



The Hong Kong Arbitration Charity Ball 

The Hong Kong Arbitration Charity Ball is an initiative by members of Hong Kong’s legal and arbitration community aimed primarily at raising money for local Hong Kong charities and, in small part, to promote Hong Kong as a leading venue for dispute resolution.  The Ball is held during the annual Hong Kong Arbitration Week, which attracts up to 500 lawyers, judges and arbitrators to Hong Kong.  Last year’s Ball attracted over 400 attendees, including senior judges, Law Lords, members of the Legislative Council, members of Hong Kong’s business community, as well as lawyers and arbitrators from around the world.

The Honorary Patron of the Ball is The Hon. Chief Justice Geoffrey MA. In 2017 we decided to split our fund raising between two charities. The majority of the funds raised  went to “Help, a charity which supports and assists foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong in avoiding exploitation and illegal treatment while a second round of funding was provided to our 2013 lead Charity “SoCO”, the Society for Community Organization“, to support continue its good work in relation to the encouragement of equal opportunity for participation and fair distribution of social resources. While the key objective of the HK Arbitration Charity Ball is to raise money for people in need, it also aims to promote Hong Kong as a leading seat for international arbitration.  As such, 20% of monies raised from the charity ball go towards achieving this goal. In previous years, the funds have been awarded to (i) the Chinese University of Hong Kong to research perceptions about arbitration in Hong Kong and mainland China and what improvements can be made (ii) the Vis East Moot Foundation; (iii) the HKIAC and Arias to set up in Hong Kong [iv] HK45 and the Moot Alumni Association. To find out more or to send a proposal send us an email through our “Contact Us” portal.


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